For last few years we have been arguing about whether there is life after Wikileaks? Can we now add another question to the cart? Is there life after Social Networks? Does Social Networks pose similar dilemma and dangers? What will happen when your private information becomes public?

Social networking is seen as a private virtual space for like-minded people to share information. Is it really a private space? How it could be private when all the information is in the hands of few people who own and run Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter? Can the so called free and democratic virtual space also become an explosive minefield like the Wikileaks? After all, it is all about the information, your information.

As of now, every minute 277,000 people login to Facebook which amount to 6 million Facebook views, 320 Twitter and more than 100 LinkedIn accounts are created every minute.


Attempt to answer these questions often turn into a comparison of different technologies and services available on the web and end up with a somewhat prickly combative defense of Social Networks by their creators and users. When it comes to protecting information all web services have flaws, we say.

Technologies are imperfect, so are the Social Networks, but they are useful.

More than 500 Million people who are using Facebook can not be wrong. Or does it mean that such a huge number of subscribers of Facebook are somehow healing the planet with hot gossip, sexy pictures, stale ideas and petty conversations about their daily lives.

Today the numbers of networking devices connected to the cloud are equal to the total global population.

In Thailand around 28% of the people have Facebook accounts

By 2015 the number of these devices will double. As of now, every minute 277,000 people login to Facebook which amount to 6 million Facebook views, 320 Twitter and more than 100 LinkedIn accounts are created every minute.

On You-Tube 30 hours of video is uploaded every minute. Also in a single minute 1.3 million people will be watching these videos around the world. Every minute more than 2 million queries are made on the Google and with their new Google+ the reach of Social Networks will grow further.

via Internet and Social Networks: The Good, Bad and the Ugly – The Nation.

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  1. It is still unclear about your conclusion whether you have found the answer for question that you put as title on this article. However, people tend to experience dissatisfaction on lagging inovation. This probably happen to social network.

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