Thailand’s Phuket Island is an internationally famous beach destination, and rightfully so. Beautiful sandy shores, separated by rocky headlands, grace the entire west coast of the island, the largest in Thailand.

The surrounding Andaman Sea is warm, clear and inviting, one of Phuket’s main attractions.Onshore Phuket is a welcoming place that can quickly begin to feel like home. More than 100,000 foreign residents have chosen to make a life here.

Based on the Tourism Authority of Thailand's forecast record 19 million inbound visitors to the kingdom in 2012, golf tourism could be worth $US 2 billion to Thailand next year. Three percent - or 600,000 - of all foreign tourists are expected to come to play golf.
Golf tourism could be worth $US 2 billion to Thailand next year. Three percent – or 600,000 – of all foreign tourists are expected to come to play golf.

Foreigners from across the globe have integrated into the local community, transforming Phuket into a multicultural, international retirement destination. Expats make up more than 21 percent of the total permanent population of Phuket Province.One of the biggest appeals is the cost of living. Rent, especially, is a global bargain. You can find a comfortable rental for as little as $350 to $400 per month, and most rentals come fully furnished.

All things considered, including groceries, utilities, entertainment and your own motorbike for transportation, a retired couple could live here on a monthly budget of as little as $1,000.For that very low cost, you could be buying a big and interesting lifestyle. If you’re a night owl, you need look no further than Patong, where the party lasts until the wee hours of the night. Maybe you prefer to spend your days on the links. If so, you’ll have your choice of six superb golf courses on the island. Restaurants, ranging from friendly one-star shacks to acclaimed, five-star international establishments, are abundant.

via Phuket, Thailand Gets More Appealing for Retirees – Yahoo! News.

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