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What Are You Covered For With Comprehensive Car Insurance In Thailand?

As driving in the Land of Smiles can be so precarious with the number of accidents each year, you will want to consider getting comprehensive insurance for your vehicles. 




As with most countries worldwide, it is a legal requirement in driving in Thailand to have car insurance.

As driving in the Land of Smiles can be so precarious with the number of accidents each year, you will want to consider getting comprehensive insurance for your vehicles. 

Having comprehensive insurance offers you much more protection if something should happen to your car. Below is everything comprehensive insurance will cover you for in the event of an accident or loss of your vehicle.

Third Party Protection

When you have comprehensive or Class 1 Car Insurance (ประกันรถชั่น1), you will be able to get the most protection for your vehicle against theft, fire, and damage to the car, but is also provides third-party protection.

If you have an accident and harm other people’s property, including other vehicles, or you physically injure someone in the accident, you are fully covered. Your insurance company will take care of any claims incurred from your accident and will settle with the third parties, so there is nothing for you to do. 

Protection Against Theft

Your comprehensive insurance policy will also protect you if your vehicle is stolen. You will need to file a report with the police, who often send an officer to investigate.

However, as car crime is so rife in Thailand, you do not want to hold your breath that they can recover your vehicle, as this does not often happen.

Most likely, the car will be stripped and sold for parts. Your insurance company will often do a more thorough investigation, and they will visit the scene and look for evidence before settling your claim.

Protection Against Vehicle Damage

You will also enjoy comprehensive insurance coverage that you can use if your vehicle gets damaged in any way. If you have an accident and the car gets damaged, whether there is another party involved or not, you can make a claim.

You do not have to have an accident at all, as your insurance can also cover you for other things, such as a broken windscreen or damaged wheels if you mount a curb.

Your insurance will also cover the cost of towing your vehicle to the nearest repair centre if it needs it, so you can get it fixed quickly. Most insurance companies will also offer cover for fire or natural disasters. If your car gets damaged in a fire or damaged through a flood, there is no need to worry as your insurance company will reimburse you the car’s market value.

Choose A Reputable Insurance Policy Provider


Image Source: Unsplash

When you go to the expense of purchasing a car, especially a new one, you will want to ensure you select comprehensive insurance to give you the best coverage. There are many excellent insurance companies in Thailand, but when comparing companies, instead of looking at the total cost, look at what the policy will cover you for in detail. 

Select the most comprehensive insurance you can find and afford, and you can rest easy knowing that if something does happen to your vehicle, whether your fault or not, you are fully covered.

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