Sales of cars in April 2011 have been concluded at 67,283 units, an increase of 17.8% year-on-year while a total of 305,902 cars are sold in the first four months of this year, rising by 36.6%, a new record high.

Toyota Motor Thailand Senior Vice President Vudhigorn Suriyachantananont reported that the sales volume for passenger cars last month stood at 30,953 units, expanding by 17.8% while the commercial vehicle sales, including one-ton pick-up, were at 36,330 units, an increase of 17.7%.

The senior vice president added that the sales of one-ton pick-up trucks alone were reported at 31,272 units, a rise of 20.8% from the same month in 2010.

Mr Vudhigorn pointed out that the vehicle sales volume in April could indicate the continuous expansion of the auto business despite serious effects on production capacity from the twin deadly disasters in Japan in March.

The senior vice president continued that the rising sales of passenger cars resulted from higher popularity on smaller, modern and energy-saving cars while the expanding figure of commercial vehicles was due to higher demand prompted by better economic condition.

As for vehicle sales during the first four months this year, Mr Vudhigorn reported that the passenger car sales grew by 48.2% while commercial vehicles expanded by 28.4%, and this could reflect stronger domestic economy driven by the expansion in investment, production and exports.

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