The Thai auto market in April 2012 saw a 30.5% growth as a result of new car models and the fast recovery of the automotive industry. Toyota Motors has revealed that the auto market saw a total of 87,788 cars sold in April 2012, an increase of 30.5% from that of the same period last year.

The increase was partly due to the popularity of new car models on display at the Motor Show 2012, which led to a rise in car orders, as well as the full recovery in the production process of automakers, enabling them to speed up car deliveries to customers. With the speedy recovery of the automotive industry combined with the Bank of Thailand’s recent revision of the country’s GDP to 6%, it is expected that the auto market in May 2012 will see a continuous growth. Despite a slightly higher inflation, other positive factors will still contribute to the growth of the auto market. Auto market enjoys 30.5% in April : National News Bureau of Thailand

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