Thailand’s automotive industry in October produced 53,271 units, up 8.8 per cent year on year and 9.5 per cent from September as a result of higher domestic demand, according to the Automotive Industry Club under Federation of Thai Industries.

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Auto production picks up on domestic demand

Thailand continues to reduce import tariff rates for various products.

Imports from new ASEAN member countries also have lower import duties. As part of ASEAN Integration System of Preferences (AISP), tariffs of products such as vinegar, chili, certain vegetables, wood products, and electronic switchboards imported from Cambodia, Myanmar and Lao PDR are either reduced or abolished from September 2008.

BOI promotes new incentive scheme for new automobile types to attract foreign direct investment in automobile sector.
Auto production picks up on domestic demand

A clear policy framework is needed, and the development direction set forth by the policy makers should be based on reliable information on the current status of infrastructure development. Systematic, periodic, and internationally-standard information collection within the infrastructure sector will provide Thai policy makers with good background with which to assess the current situation, identify bottlenecks, set clear policy direction, and prioritize projects more effectively .

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