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Thailand aims to export 10m tons of Thai rice in 2019

Each year, Thailand exports an average of 10 million tons of rice to markets worldwide, generating more than 150 billion baht in revenue

National News Bureau of Thailand



Rice is important to Thailand in many respects, including for the economy, society, culture, environment and food security.

It is the main economic crop as well as an important export product of Thailand. Each year, Thailand exports an average of 10 million tons of rice to markets worldwide, generating more than 150 billion baht in revenue, making Thailand the world’s top rice exporter.

Nowadays, the way of life and consumption habits of rice consumers worldwide is changing.

Therefore, it is necessary for Thailand to adjust and develop the rice production process to meet the needs of various consumer groups to make Thailand a sustainable food source for the world in the future, which will benefit Thai people and the world community.

Commerce Ministry Permanent Secretary Bunyarit Kallayanamit says that the Ministry of Commerce still maintains a target of 10 million tons of rice exports this year. The export value is projected to be close to 180 billion baht.

The Ministry of Commerce has maintained its rice export forecast because it believes that the trade war between the United States and China does not affect the demand for rice and the El Nio phenomenon that affects many countries is likely to increase Thai rice prices.

From discussions with farmers, it was found that farmers are satisfied with rice prices. Every government has placed importance on rice because it is the main agricultural product of the country and Thailand has about four million rice farming households.

In the fast-changing market environment, what are the challenges and opportunities for thai rice? To give us an outlook is an expert from the US., Mr. Jeremy Zwinger, CEO of The Rice Trader Co.

Meanwhile, in the second half of this year, the Department of Foreign Trade plans to stimulate the sale of rice by assigning a trade delegation, from both the public and private sectors, to conduct trade negotiations with important partner countries in order to expand markets as well as to encourage the private sector to find the markets itself, especially new markets. Mr. Bunyarit expressed his confidence that Thailand will certainly be able to export 10 million tons of rice this year. National News Bureau Of Thailand


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