These are the cities where visitors spend the most

While Bangkok is the most popular destination overall – with 19.4 million visitors last year – those visitors spent just under half of what was spent in Dubai.

Etihad Airways and TAT sign new tourism agreement

Bangkok is one of Etihad Airways’ busiest routes – around 800,000 guests travelled to and from Bangkok in 2016 alone, and more than 6 million guests have flown on the airline’s Thailand routes since 2007

Dubai Chamber aims to grow UAE trade with China and South East Asia

Hamad Buamim is the President & CEO of the Dubai Chamber. He spoke with The Prospect Group about Dubai’s economic relationship with South East Asia and China, Dubai Chamber’s new office in Shanghai, and why Dubai is a great place for Chinese businesses.

Gulf carriers see record growth in premium classes

Between 2014 and 2015, first class passenger volumes for gulf carriers such as Emirates, Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways on the top 10 Origins & Destinations between Europe and Asia Pacific increased 67%

Pitching the concept of Islamic banking to a global audience

Raja Teh Maimunah is the CEO of Hong Leong Islamic Bank, part of the Hong Leong Financial Group. She spoke with The Prospect Group about bringing the concept and principles of Islamic banking to a mainstream global audience.

Salam Aleikoum Pattaya السلام عليكم

Thailand is attracting a growing number of tourists from ‘sexually repressed’ nations, mainly from Middle East countries, but complaints by sex workers of violence and theft abound.

Second MERS case confirmed in Thailand

A man from Oman who arrived in Bangkok on Friday was announced by the Thai Ministry of Public Health to be the second confirmed MERS- CoV (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus) case in Thailand.

Oil Price Slump : Thai Exports to MENA Likely Down 13% in 2015

Because oil price slump has reduced Thai exports to the MENA region by 14.7 percent YoY, KResearch hold the view that Thai shipments to that region will continue to weaken over the remainder of 2015