Thailand ranks 8th as the largest producer of bio-fuel in the world, according to a survey by the Renewable Energy Network for the 21st Century (REN21).

Deputy Director General of the Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency Twarath Sutabutr said that the survey, conducted by UNEP’s REN21 among 63 countries worldwide, indicated that Thailand is now Asia’s 2nd largest bio-fuel producer after China, and stands at 8th (with Spain) in the world.

Thailand has been continually promoting production of ethanol and biodiesel since 2006. At present, the daily yield of ethanol is 1.2 million liters, and 1.8 million liters for biodiesel. China, which comes first in the region, is producing 6 million liters of ethanol and 300,000 liters of biodiesel per day.

The world’s top producer is the US which could produce 34 billion liters of ethanol and 2 billion liters of biodiesel each year, followed by Brazil, France, Germany, Argentina, and Canada.

The Energy Ministry is aiming to produce 9 million liters of ethanol and 4.5 million liters of biodiesel by 2022. Mr Twarath believed the target is feasible and such quantity would thrust Thailand to be among the world’s top five.

via Thailand ranks eighth as world’s top bio-fuel producers : National News Bureau of Thailand.

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