The Thai Army will adapt the plan to rescue the Ban Wa Hi-Tech Industrial Estate in flood-stricken Ayutthaya province by halting the dropping of cargo containers from Chinook transport helicopters to block the inflow of floodwater, but is now opting to use bagged rocks to fill ruptures in flood prevention dykes, according to the First  Army Region commander.

Lt-Gen Udomdej Sitabutr said the water level surrounding the industrial estate is about one-metre deep after a section of the temporary flood prevention dyke was breached and floodwater poured into the facility on Thursday.He said the damaged dyke was widened to 15 metres from its original five metre width.The commander said the army has cancelled the plan to use Chinook transport helicopters carrying weighted containers to drop into place to block the water inflow into the industrial estate as the water around the location of containers was already high.

The army will instead use pontoons to move large sacks of rock for dumping into the ruptured dyke to block the inflow of water, as the military vehicles could not enter the area due to the deep floodwater, he said. However, the mission must wait until the strong floodwater currents become slower.

The Hi-Tech Industrial Estate houses 143 factories, mainly dedicated to manufacturing auto parts, electronics and steel, with a total investment of Bt65 billion, providing employment for more than 51,000 workers. At least two industrial estates have been flooded — Rojana and Saha Rattana Nakhon.In a separate development, Pathum Thani Governor Peerasak Hinmuangkao said he expected the Ban Phrao sluice gate repair work would finish today as only 10 metres left to build temporary dyke to control the flow of water.

via Plan adjusted to rescue major industrial estate: Army.

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