The National Telecommunications Commission plans to grant licences to provide wireless broadband access services, including WiMax technology, next February.

NTC member Natee Sukonrat said the commission’s board had appointed a committee with him as chairman, to study ways of granting the licences.

The committee's study will run in parallel with the NTC’s review of existing plans to grant licences to develop 3G wireless broadband services using the 2.1GHz spectrum.

While Natee declined to elaborate, another NTC source said that according to the commission's time frame, the whole process – from the planned studies to the awarding of licences – would take 11 months, starting this month.

This month and next, the NTC will begin to examine the need to grant the licences and possible impacts from doing so. It will also work out a process by which it will take a frequency spectrum back from state agencies that

via Wireless broadband licences in 11 months.

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