Government organisations in Thailand will soon be able to attend parliament meeting without needing to travel to the Parliament after the deployment of telepresence technology offered by Electronic Government Agency (EGA).

Dr Sak Segkoonthod, president and CEO of the EGA revealed early this week that his agency will deploy telepresence services at the Parliament and ten other government agencies within this year benefiting from the national implementation of cloud computing this month.

The National Assembly of Thailand or the Parliament of Thailand
The National Assembly of Thailand or the Parliament of Thailand

“It might be launched at Parliament first to deploy telepresence for government organizations to defend their annual budgets without needing to come to the Parliament,” he said.

The EGA will work with CAT Telecom to invest in telepresence services and mobile telepresence unit. CAT will invest in setting up these facilities, while the EGA will attract customers for the services.

This year, the EGA aims to have ten customers including Government House, the Parliament, the Government Centre, the Public Health Ministry and the Commerce Ministry.

“Currently, we offer Web-conference services for government offices in thirty three districts in thres provinces in the South of Thailand. The service is aimed at making it unnecessary for officials to travel to attend regular meetings,” Segkhoonthod added.

Starting from this month, the EGA will invest THB 50 million (US$ 1.64 million) to set up infrastructure to provide cloud services including infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS).

via Thai Parliament to deploy telepresence services

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