BANGKOK (NNT) – The Ministry of Commerce has imposed a six-month price freeze on chicken products to help consumers with alternative options due to soaring pork prices.

According to Wattanasak Sur-iam, director-general of the Internal Trade Department, the department has negotiated with chicken and egg-laying hen farmers to impose a price ceiling on chicken and egg prices for six months. The freeze will be in effect from mid-January to mid-June 2022.

Live chickens will be priced at 33.50 baht per kilogram. Fresh chickens – including or excluding offals – will cost 60-65 baht/kg, while chicken thighs and drumsticks will be priced at 60-65 baht/kg and chicken breasts at 65-70 baht/kg. Authorities are also currently negotiating with egg-laying hen farmers and the Department of Livestock Development to maintain the price of assorted chicken eggs at 3 baht per egg.

Officials say chicken and egg supplies are still able to meet consumer demand, with pork being the only product with issues due to low supply and high demand. Live pigs are priced at 108 baht/kg and the Ministry of Commerce has set up stalls to sell pork at 150 baht/kg until the end of January.

Wattanasak warns that price gougers will face legal action, with fines of up to 140,000 baht or up to 7 years in prison, or both.

He added that legal action will be taken against those found hoarding pork and hiking prices during the department’s inspection of pork supplies on January 10.

The director-general also said the ministry will initiate additional campaigns, such as setting up stalls nationwide to sell products to people at affordable rates, cooperating with manufacturers to provide more products for the Blue Flag scheme, and assisting farmers with their feed costs and rising expenses.

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