The recent roadshow to China yielded triple success in attracting Chinese investment, business match-making, and embracing the bilateral collaboration, according to the Industry Minister.

Following the roadshow, 16 leading companies in the infrastructure development, alternative energy, education and tourism sectors have discussed the business collaboration with Thailand. It is strongly expected that 5 large companies in the automotive, machinery, food flavouring and real estate industries are soon to confirm their plans to make over Bt 65 billion investment in Thailand.

At the same time, leading Thai businesses have signed business partnership agreement with Chinese partners, which will potentially lead to almost Bt 73 billion investment in total.

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About Bt 65 billion investment from China expected, following Thai Prime Minister official visit

M.R. Pongsvas Svasti, the Industry Minister said during the roadshow to Beijing that the roadshow held form 17-20 April 2012 and led Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra received very good response from Thai and Chinese investors and business circle.

The investment seminar on “Unbeatable Thailand, unparalleled Opportunities: Business Environment & Investment Policies” and “Business Luncheon for China – Thailand Entrepreneurs” attracted around 800 people. At the seminar, Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra also gave a keynote speech on “Thailand: Creating the Future”.

The Industry Minster added that during the roadshow, the Thai government had an opportunity to discuss with 16 leading Chinese companies from various industries, such as infrastructure development, alternative energy, education and tourism.

From which, 5 leading companies in the automotive, machinery, food flavouring and real estate industries, expressed their great interests and were in consideration to invest abroad. At the discussion, the government shared with the Chinese investors its investment policy and the country’s long-term potential as the preferred investment destination. It is expected that if these 5 companies finally decided to invest in Thailand, the total investment will be no less than Bt 65 billion.

 “Some of those companies have already decided to invest in Thailand. We expect to receive confirmation soon. Other companies are still studying the information, and we are strongly confident that Thailand can be their preferred investment destination.” he said.

Moreover, the delegation had witnessed the signing of  nine memorandum of understanding between Thai and Chinese companies.  Among Thai companies signing the MOU with Chinese partners are Sammitr Green Power Co., Ltd. and Thailand International Chinese Television Station Co., Ltd. (TCI TV).  Nearly Bt 73 billion worth of investment is expected from these MOUs.


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