Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva on Wednesday focused on his government’s achievements on revive Thailand’s faltering economy and improve the people’s quality of life in his statement to report on the government’s one-year of performance on Tuesday.

In a 50-minute briefing at Government House entitled “12 Months of Administration, Happiness for Over 60 Million Thais”, the prime minister hailed as a major success his Democrat-led coalition government’s implementation of the country’s economic stimulus package in the first phase which helped the country weathering the global financial slump.

“The government took office when the economic figures in the fourth quarter [of 2008] contracted by 4.2 per cent. However, the implementation of

Strong Thailand’s scheme successfully reduces the number of the unemployed from 700,000 to 400,000,” he said.

The premier also said he was confident that Thailand's economy will turn positive in the last quarter of this year as export growth in November rose by 17 per cent and the number of tourist arrivals has reached its target of 14 million.

“In tackling the country's current economic woes, the government has transformed Thailand from a populist state to a social-welfare state through comprehensive measures such as [the 15 years of] free schooling, subsidies for low-income earners, allowances for the elderly and particularly the price-guaranteed programme for agricultural produces which benefit the majority of the population.”

via MCOT English News : Thai PM trumpets government’s one-year performance.

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