So, it seems that the rumored March 7th date that signified the release of the iPad 3 to the masses has been confirmed thanks to the invitation to Apple’s iPad 3 event. Not only that, we do think that the new iPad 3 is shown on the invite itself, splashed all over in a blown up manner, touting something that is nice to see and touch.

You don’t say, Apple? Eagle eyed folks who eat, sleep and breathe Apple products would be quick to point out to you that the iPad 3 will not feature any Home button – either that, or, the Home button has been moved to somewhere else, or the image shown was cleverly captured from a different angle.

The spacing between the icons do indicate a portrait orientation instead of landscape, so could the Home button last see action physically on the iPad 2?

Only time will tell, and you only have slightly more than a week to wait before all is revealed.

via iPad 3: Look ma, no Home button! | Ubergizmo.

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