Apple has secured a deal with Universal Studios to allow users to access digital movie purchases via iTunes in the Cloud.Titles like Knocked Up can now be easily re-downloaded across an individual’s iOS and iTunes-enabled devices, if the same account is in use.Apple had announced that movies would join music, books and apps as part of the iCloud service during the new iPad 3 launch last month.

New iPad 3New iPad 3 reviewiPad 3 sales newsBest new iPad appsSpanner in the worksHowever, the plans were undermined by a previous contractual arrangement with HBO, meaning Universal and Fox titles were excluded from Apple’s new offering Apple insisted it would work out the details as soon as possible and iTunes users are now reporting the restrictions on Universal movies have been lifted.It is also thought that the company is in negotiations with Fox to ensure titles from all of the major studios are on board.

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Apple brings Universal Studios movies to iCloud

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