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iHome has another product up their sleeves which intends to spruce up your surroundings at home in the form of the iP76 color-changing speaker tower. Not only that, iHome knows how important it is to have a clean design overall, which is why they decided to embed Bluetooth connectivity into the iP76, letting you enjoy your music sans any pesky cables running all over the place which might prove to be a hazard for the less than careful. The name of the iHome iP76 color-changing speaker tower gives the game away – it carries 16 multi-color LED clusters which are capable of delivering exciting light effects without compromising on audio quality, but we are not talking about catering to the high end audiophile group here. You can also use the iP76 LED Color Changing Tower Bluetooth Stereo Speaker System to juice up your docked iPhone or iPod touch, in addition to relaying video content from your docked device to a TV courtesy of the integrated component video outputs. Expect the iP76 color-changing speaker tower to retail for $199.99 each. By Ubergizmo. Related articles: Genius SP-900BT Portable Bluetooth Speaker has an integrated microphone, Zooka portable speaker is elegant,
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iHome introduces iP76 color-changing speaker tower

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