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Immediate Video Conferencing Benefits

If you need to get a handful of experts working on the same project together for a meeting with your reps, you can have everyone video conferencing in the blink of an eye instead of putting half a dozen people in a pair of rental cars or on an airplane.



Regardless of what industry and sector you happen to be competing in, the truth is you need to look to what new technologies can do for you.

Business in general is nothing more than people providing goods and services to one another, and if you can increase your ability to provide service at any step of the process you have a much better chance of securing better relationships.

People in any organization are constantly looking for advantages, and regardless of what of what product you sell or activities you service, an organizations ability to provide value added service is expanded immediately by having video conferencing capability.

Immediate Benefits Come in Many Forms

From having general response times diminished, to always being connected in general, and even the efficiency of connection, the truth is you can’t overestimate the value that having your key people directly connected to other businesses brings.

In a world where people cringe to be put on hold, hate automated message systems, and even ignore their voicemails for days on end, having someone able to be there at any time with additional capabilities is one of the smartest things a business can do.

Immediate Video Conferencing Benefits

Immediate Video Conferencing Benefits

What’s more important than just being there is what else you can do with video conferencing. While picking up the phone might seem like the best means, you can’t share documents through a phone.


You can’t share applications and real time data, spreadsheets, or other notes through a phone either. Video conferencing allows for all of these things, and certain providers even give you more perks and benefits.

The fact that your employees can literally get items from their desktop into the right hands in just a few seconds gives your group a technological edge when it comes to providing fast service.

Save On Travel Costs

When you think about the costs generally associated with travel for any business, organization, or even people going away for holidays, the costs can add up quickly. The cost isn’t even just money!

Aside from the costs generally associated with just financial implications, think about all of the costs your organization and your employees face when travel is the only viable option.

There is significant stress from travel, people can get burned out, delays that keep your key employees gone longer than they should be, and even jet lag and general fatigue when they finally return home.

Not only do all of those things add up to be a major talent drain and burden on your employees, but by having your key people committed to the field and going out to meet with clients, you don’t have them back in the office doing their job and available for other tasks or clients.


Video conferencing has allowed more face to face interaction to occur simply because it is so quick and convenient.

If a supplier, partner, or client wants to chat face to face, you can have them on the other line in just a few moments.

If you need to get a handful of experts working on the same project together for a meeting with your reps, you can have everyone videoconferencing in the blink of an eye instead of putting half a dozen people in a pair of rental cars or on an airplane.

Plus, because you save on the time side of the equation, your employees can be back and available for the next task just a few seconds after the meeting finishes.

Already a Growing Platform

One of the most important things about technology in general is how popular it will be.

When companies are trying to bring in new technologies into their workforce, the last thing that they want to do is to spend money on software and systems that won’t catch on and have a realistic impact on their business.

The good thing about video conferencing in general is that it is already catching on. A Polycom summary of results printed by Computer News Middle East showed how video conferencing is truly thriving. It is expected to be the most preferred collaboration tool in the next three years.


Video conferencing : the next wave of doing business

With some companies such as Blue Jeans not only adding more capabilities all of the time to their software, but also seeing the end users already are in love with the current advantages of video conferencing, the chances that this technology will go away or even slow down are not something you should bet on for at least the next handful of years.

Regardless of your overall operation, the need for collaboration and exchange of ideas is central to any business out there.

Not only can business grow what they are currently doing by offering increased availability and value by adding video conferencing services, but they are also able to get better and be more efficient with what they already excel at.

Video conferencing truly is the next wave of doing business. Like the fax machine, emailing, and social media, look to video conferencing as the next big business technology.

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