For as long as Star Wars has been around, fans have made their own fan movies with toys using stop motion or by dressing up as characters and adding cheesy homemade special effects.

But wouldn’t it be awesome if you could easily create a short movie with special effects without needing to learn how to render 3D graphics or use a green screen? Enter Hasbro’s new, free Star Wars Studio FX app for iOS and Android.

Star Wars Studio FX is essentially a kid-friendly version of Action Movie FX, the popular action movie effects app that lets you apply special effects (mostly explosions) on top of your footage. Oddly enough, Action Movie FX actually introduced Star Wars effects last year. Hasbro’s Studio FX, I’m told, has no relation to Action Movie FX.

The company let me check out a pre-release version of the app with its upcoming Star Wars action figures and vehicle toys. (I just wanted to see the Star Wars: Rogue One toys to be honestbut that’ll be our little secret.)

You don’t need to purchase the toys to use the free special effects app, but doing so does come with one advantage, which I’ll get to in a second.

A preview and some tips on how to shoot your homemade special effects video.

Image: screenshot: raymond wong/mashable

The pre-release version of the app I tested was still rough around the edges (it crashed several times, especially when processing effects). But when it worked, it was pretty fun.


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