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Nest Cam Outdoor shows me the cat lurking outside my home



Seeing is safety.

I live in a relatively safe neighborhood, but some years ago, my home was burglarized. The thieves broke in through the back door. Since then, we’ve been more vigilant about locked doors and windows and installed a Nest Dropcam indoors to keep an eye on our house. It does a great job of showing my open-floor-plan kitchen, dining room and den, but is of no use for the space outside my home.

Nest Cam Outdoor takes everything that’s good about Nest Cam — easy setup, anywhere-in-the-world access and cloud-based footage recording – and adds in weatherproofing. It is an excellent addition to the Nest family of smart home devices.

What you get

For all the ways it’s similar to Nest Cam, Nest Cam Outdoor looks nothing like its indoor predecessor. The $199 device is a 2.8-in.-by-3.5-in. candy-drop-shaped, all-white device. On the relatively flat front, behind protective glass, are the 1080p camera and an array of 8 night-vision LEDs. There are some tiny holes on the device for the speaker and microphone. Near that is the a single, flat power cord. It ends in a USB jack that plugs into a round AC/DC adapter. The jack side features a special cover that slides over the jack and locks onto the adapter. On the other side of the adapter runs the remaining 25 feet of power cable, which ends in a standard three-prong plug.

The Nest Cam Outdoor is a wired device (for power), but wireless for connectivity.

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