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Social commerce : a unique Thai phenomenon

Social commerce is a unique phenomenon in Thailand, and an estimated one-third to half of total ecommerce GMV is happening on social platforms

Social commerce is a unique phenomenon in Thailand, and an estimated one-third to half of total ecommerce GMV is happening on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LINE.

This week, aCommerce Academy hosted an SME’s Masterclass with the goal  to educate Thailand’s small businesses (FB, Line, Instagram) on how to maximize their marketing efforts online.

This was an interactive session with the digital marketing experts where  attendees from the retail and non-retail industry learned about the evolution and opportunities in ecommerce for SME’s via multiple case studies and online marketing tools shared with them.

The ecommerce market in Southeast Asia is growing faster than any other country. 76% of people use Google search as a source of information online before making a decision to buy a product or service.

60% of the traffic comes from mobile search which is steadily increasing in comparison to tablets and desktop. How can SME’s differentiate themselves and get noticed in this highly competitive ecommerce field?

Social commerce is a unique phenomenon in Thailand
Social commerce is a unique phenomenon in Thailand

Online Consumer Shopping Behaviour

The highlight of this Masterclass was the sharing of online consumer shopping behaviour.

Most searches on google indicate that consumers are using price comparison websites and reading reviews on various blogs and social networks after being triggered by advertisements on YouTube,  Online Banner Ads, Print Ads, Facebook Ad’s amongst others.

SME’s are recommended to use Google Adwords to find out what keywords are being searched for by consumers and what products they are interested in.

That can help to target the right audience for the business and use customised ads to reach out to them. Another cost-effective platform to reach out to a targeted audience is via LINE@.

aCommerce’s most recent LINE partnership will help merchants  directly engage with prospective customers and increase chances of ultimately making  online sales.

Key Takeaways:

  • Which online marketing tool is suitable for your business ex: Youtube, Banner Ad, Facebook.
  • What is the right time to begin and stop the marketing campaign depending on the online channel.
  • Ability to calculate how much budget should be allocated on google search for their business through keyword planner.

Contact aCommerce Academy for more details on the next event and drop in your comments below to let us know what you would like to learn about next.

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