The Internet is getting faster throughout the world, but is it getting faster fast enough?

The good news, according to Akamai, a high-performance Web and analytics company, is that “the global average connection speed experienced a 14% quarter-over-quarter increase in the first three months of 2012, returning to 2.6 Mbps Megabits per second.”

akamai internet speeds 1stqtr 2012
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The bad news is we want much faster connections than we’re getting.Akamai, in its The State of the Internet, 1st Quarter 2012 report PDF link, registration required., now defines “high broadband” as connections to Akamai at speeds of 10 Mbps or greater.


via The Internet is getting faster | ZDNet.

I don’t know where is Thailand in tis report, but most of the time surfing in the kingdom is still a painful experience. Internet censorship is nothing new in Thailand, but lately it has gone from bad to worse.

Many of you probably wonder why Internet is so slow and unreliable in Thailand, resulting in a lot of request ending on a blank page or truncated content. This not only because of poor infrastructure. Just look at the bottom of your screen and get the answer : waiting for….

This is the address of the Ministry of Information and Technlogy of  Thailand…..Instead of investing money for a better internet, Thailand is investing a lot of money in worst and slower Internet by putting a filter on every connection from inside Thailand, using the so called “war room”, a huge tech center in Bangkok suburbs specially equipped for filtering and censorship.

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