The online retailer announced Amazon Pages today, which lets retailers create web stores and market through the Amazon network. Happy holidays: Amazon announced today that it is offering a comprehensive web retail service, called Amazon Pages.

With Pages, retailers can make customized e-stores that remain autonomous from Amazon’s main site. Businesses registered with Pages will also have access to Amazon Post, a social media dashboard connected to Pages and Facebook, and Amazon Analytics, a web metrics tool that monitors Amazon Post sales and social media trends.

Amazon broke the services down like this: When a retailer registers their company through Pages, they gain access to a simple site-building tool that lets them create a custom webpage.

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As TechCrunch reported, the sites come with a domain name linked to Amazon (like

From there, retailers can design their website with three different templates. The web building tool also lets retailers install a “Merchandising Widget” that allows customers to make purchases directly from the site. Retailers can also install buttons to their social media accounts, according to Amazon. It’s as simple as that.

From there, a business can manage parts of its social media presence with Amazon Post. With the Post dashboard, users can simultaneously post messages and updates to their company’s Facebook profile and Amazon retail page. They can also write a batch of posts in one sitting, and then schedule them to go live throughout the day.

Finally, Amazon Analytics will let registered retailers easily monitor web traffic and customer habits through digestible charts and graphs. Users can see how many customers are brought to their site through Amazon Posts, which Amazon Posts spark the most consumer reaction, which items sell the best, and more.

As TechCrunch reported, all of these features are currently free for retailers to use. However, interested users must submit an application to Amazon and receive its approval before using the service.


d030amazonbucket 21902

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Amazon Launches Brand Pages for Small Retailers

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