The Magnitude of ASEAN’s e-commerce potential

South East Asia’s Internet economy, spanning online shopping to games and advertising, will surge sixfold to about $200 billion in the next decade

Thailand plans to invest $1.1bn to speed up broadband services

The Thai government announced plans to invest BT38bn ($1.1bn) in strengthening the country’s broadband backbone, extending access across Thailand and increasing data speeds by more than 400%.

Thailand’s Obsessions According to Google

Google’s autocomplete function provides suggestions derived from common Google searches by other…

Thailand’s most annoying Internet habit : profanity

Thailand’s average time online per day (5.03 hours) is the highest in Asia, followed by Singapore at 4.38 hours, Malaysia at 4.18 hours and India at 3.35 hours.

Network downtime in Thailand cost $297m in lost revenue

If you live and work in Thailand, you probably already know what slow an unreliable internet connection feels like : very frustrating and time consuming.

DTAC to start 4G testing in Airports for New Year holiday

Total Access Communication (Dtac) launched the 4G network quality testing at the terminal areas of Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Mueang Airport, to ensure non-disrupted data transmission particularly during New Year holiday.

Malaysia’s ICT sector to get major funding boost

Major investments in Malaysia’s 2015 budget are set to strengthen the ICT sector by funding infrastructure expansion and providing support for both research and development (R&D) and private sector training.

Hundreds of Thai Government websites hacked and infested with malware

Nearly 100 Thai Government websites were hacked and used to serve malware last month. More than 500 distinct attacks were launched from these websites, representing about 85% of all government-hosted malware in the world.