Facebook makes Thai Teens Pregnant

According to the National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB), the famous social networking site, facebook, has partly contributed to the cause of unwanted teen pregnancies.

Sony Cyber-Shot New models: high-powered zoom and low-light photography

With the Sony HX30V and HX20V, Sony aims to bring highly desired features like high-powered zoom and very good low-light capabilities into a compact form-factor that consumers are accustomed to. Unlike their HX200V cousin, the HX30V and HX20V are definitely compact, although Sony has thinner and lighter models. In some ways, you can think of those as Sony’s “muscle compact cameras”.  Both models are nearly identical with a 3” display (921k pixels), 1080p video recording, 3D photography, multiple image stabilization (IS) techniques and GPS chip. (more…) By Ubergizmo

iPhone 5 may introduce a new “micro” dock connector

Apple may be getting ready to ditch the current dock connector used in iPods, iPhones, and iPads in favor of a smaller version — meaning you’ll possibly have to keep up with yet another adapter to use all the latest accessories for iOS devices. Annoyances aside, Apple could have a very practical reason for making the change, according to a iMore report that cites an anonymous source. A smaller “micro” docking port would give the company more room for other important components within the iPhone 5, which could be the first device to receive the new dock treatment. And since the iPhone 4S has a much shorter power lifespan than all the models preceding it, the most likely use for that additional space would be to include a bigger battery. The new docking port is said to be a new design rather than the outdated microUSB standard used by the rest of the mobile phone industry. It’s also worth noting that Apple is moving away from its reliance on transferring information to its mobile devices through a power cord. As part of Apple’s iCloud push, the company is now enabling more OS software, app, and digital media updates over the air. So the dock connector may end up as little more than a way to charge the device and connect to third-party accessories. The latest rumors speculate that the iPhone 5 will hit sometime before the end of 2012, and will feature a larger screen as well as a more curvy design. [iPhone 5 concept image via ciccaresedesign] VentureBeat is holding its second annual Mobile Summit this April 2-3 in Sausalito, Calif. The invitation-only event will debate the five key business and technology challenges facing the mobile industry today, and participants — 180 mobile executives, investors, and policymakers — will develop concrete, actionable solutions that will shape the future of the mobile industry. You can find out more at our Mobile Summit site. Filed under: mobile, VentureBeat

NuForce Air DAC Wireless System: easy to setup wireless audio

If you’ve got a bunch of speakers around the house that are in good working condition and you want to upgrade them to support wireless audio – without having to replace them, you’re in luck. NuForce Inc’s Air DAC Wireless System is designed for you. Designed to be set up without any hassle, the NuForce Air DAC system doesn’t require any WiFi routers or IP addresses. All you have to do is plug the transmitter into your computer’s USB port or Apple device and the receiver in any available sound system and you’re set

Samsung brings the Galaxy Note challenge to the streets

Recently, Microsoft has been challenging non-Windows Phone users to a bunch of different speed tests to show off how efficient their operating system is. Well, now it looks like Samsung has decided to take this idea to the streets in its latest advertisement for the Galaxy Note. Pitting the Android device against its number competitor – the iPhone, they made use of the S Pen stylus to complete tasks that were “impossible” for the latter device to accomplish. It felt a little unfair watching the whole challenge unfold, because the iPhone user looked like she didn’t really know how to use her phone very well. While the same tasks are capable on both devices, I guess Samsung’s preinstalled apps and the S Pen made all the difference in this street challenge.

Sony PlayStation Vita gets an update

The PlayStation Vita will be out later this week, but some of you folks are already holding one thanks to the first edition bundles that went up on sale last week. Well for those of you who already have a Vita or will be getting one, Sony has pushed out a new update for the console. The update bumps the PlayStation Vita up to version 1.61 and will introduce the following features for folks who turn on the Vita for the first time: (more…) By Ubergizmo.

ABC News gets rare access to Apple’s troubled plants in China

ABC’s “Nightline” news program will air a special report Tuesday night that will give an “unprecedented” look into the Apple production lines at the troubled Foxconn plants in China. Labor conditions at the plants have drawn the ire of critics and Apple fans alike. Apple, one of the most secretive companies in business today, has closely guarded the details about its production facilities that make its coveted iPhone and iPad mobile devices. After numerous negative reports about Foxconn, including several worker suicides, the dam broke in January with an extensive report by the New York Times that closely documented worker abuses. Apple responded by saying it would investigate abuses by the plants, and Foxconn agreed to raise worker wages by 16 to 25 percent. Foxconn also produces products for Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Sony, and other major electronics companies. The “Nightline” report will be one of the first times Apple and Foxconn have allowed any news organization tour the floor and get access with managers and workers. It will show off the conditions of half a dozen production lines of factories in Shenzhen and Chengdu, China. “Nightline” anchor Bill Weir said that after years of denials, Apple finally gave him and ABC News the go-ahead to file a report from the Foxconn floor. He says that he doesn’t know exactly why he was picked but suggests it could be because: • I’ve said nice things about their products on the air. • ABC News is owned by the Disney Corporation and Disney CEO Bob Iger serves on the Apple Board of Directors • The Steve Jobs Trust is Disney’s largest shareholder. • They enjoy “Nightline.” Apple said Weir would have full access to the plant but he would not be allowed to speak with CEO Tim Cook or long-time Apple VP Jony Ive about the facilities. From ABC News’ early preview of the report, the most eye-opening part of the visit might very well be interviews with Foxconn workers. A look into the psyches of several workers shows how mind-numbing the job is: “I don’t think much about other things,” 26-year-old Liang Juan told Weir, “because the management is strict and we’re busy working and have no time to think about other things.” ABC will air the “Nightline” report on Foxconn and Apple Tuesday night at 11:35 p.m. ET/PT. Will you stay up late to watch? Foxconn factory video screenshot: ABC News Filed under: VentureBeat

Plants-based plastics could be the next environmental hit

Black gold – that is what most folks would describe oil as, and when processed into petroleum, it can be used in many other forms, from using it to power the cars that you drive around, in addition to producing the plastic bags that have become to scourge of sea turtles around the world. Scientists at Utrecht University in the Netherlands might have stumbled upon the next big thing – which is to make sure plastic bags are environmentally friendly. How is that possible? This is done thanks to an innovative new process which transforms plant material to plastic. While this idea is now new, but the Dutch scientists’ method have turned it into a viable process that is not only cheap but efficient.