Dr. David Malloy, President of King’s University College with Assoc. Prof. Dinh Duc Anh Vu, Vice President of International University

~During their Vietnam Visit, the delegation from King’s University College signed an MOU with International University which is a part of Viet Nam National University Ho Chi Minh City

~The partnership aims to promote academic exchange and support intercultural activities and projects in several mutually complimentary fields between students, faculty and staff from Canada and Vietnam~

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Oct. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — King’s University College, under the leadership of President Dr. David C. Malloy, is building new academic and cultural ties between Vietnam and Canada. During their visit to Vietnam, the King’s University College delegation formalized a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with International University which is an integral part of Viet Nam National University Ho Chi Minh City. This collaboration aims to facilitate student and faculty pathways, exchange programs involving students, faculty, and staff from both sides as well as research collaborations and 2+2 degree pathways.

Dr. David Malloy, President of King’s University College with Assoc. Prof. Dinh Duc Anh Vu, Vice President of International University

Speaking about the association, Dr. David Malloy, President King’s University College, said, "Intra-institute partnerships in diverse countries are a key element of King’s internationalization objectives. This partnership will provide an exciting launchpad for further collaboration in various arenas including reciprocal mobility of faculty, staff, students, and researchers. We look forward to cooperation and development with International University to further the internationalization objectives for everyone associated. This term, 20% of King’s student body comprises of international students, and a small portion of these are originally from Vietnam. Our Vietnamese students and alumni are exceptional members of our community and we are eager to welcome more of them! We are also witnessing a steady inflow of students from Southeast Asia for courses such as analytics and decision sciences and economics and thus, the new partnership through the MoU comes at the right time for us."

The MOU signed between King’s and International University is based on organizing 2+2 transfer arrangements, future student exchanges, faculty mobility, joint research activities and collaborating on several fields, possibly economics and analytics and decision sciences between the universities. Speaking about the association, Assoc. Prof. Dinh Duc Anh Vu, Vice President of International University, said, "This partnership is poised to be a significant catalyst for nurturing our students’ aspirations and fostering the emergence of future leaders who will guide global communities. Collaborations of this nature serve as invaluable bridges for cultural understanding and deeper ties between our two nations, with far-reaching benefits for both our students, faculty, staff and researchers."

This partnership marks a milestone for King’s and signifies Vietnam’s growth in the international higher education market. Both the institutes believe that these partnerships will benefit the exchange of students, faculty, staff, and researchers involved as an opportunity to develop new perspectives, ideas, and knowledge.

As part of the initial MOU, some initial ideas were generated about 2+2 agreements, student exchanges for the purposes of internships, semester abroad mobility, and/or for other academic purposes. As per the MOU both the institutions are signifying their desire for future collaboration over the next five years.


Source : Canada based King's University College signs MoU with International University, Viet Nam National University Ho Chi Minh City to strengthen academic ties with Vietnam

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