Gaming Revenue in Thailand Sees Year on Year Growth

Thailand’s gaming scene is in full bloom, with an energetic community of over 32 million gamers propelling revenues past the billion-dollar mark.

This remarkable growth cements Thailand’s position not only in Southeast Asia but also on the global gaming stage.

The enthusiastic adoption of online gaming in Thailand has turbocharged the industry’s financial prowess, resulting in consistent revenue growth over the past few years. What fuels this surge? Our in-depth guide explores the driving forces behind Thailand’s gaming evolution, shedding light on the exciting opportunities and potential for further expansion.

Thailand Gaming Market

The gaming industry in Thailand has achieved a notable global ranking, securing the 19th position in terms of revenue, according to Newzoo’s data. This impressive standing is reflected in the industry’s substantial earnings, amounting to an outstanding $1.1 billion over the past year.

A retrospective analysis of revenue from previous years reveals a consistent upward trend in the Thai gaming sector’s financial performance. In 2019, this emerging market generated close to $649 million. The upward momentum in Thailand’s gaming industry was evident in 2020 and 2021, with the sector generating revenues close to $905 million and $1 billion yearly. 

These impressive financial achievements underscore Thailand’s prominence in the gaming world, especially within the Southeast Asian region. Currently, Thailand proudly stands as the second-largest gaming market in Southeast Asia, trailing behind Indonesia, which led the region with a staggering $1.8 billion in gaming revenue in 2022.

Factors Behind Increase in Online Gaming in Thailand

The surge in online gaming in Thailand is down to three primary drivers. They include:

Mobile Gaming

The prevalent use of smartphones in Thailand has significantly influenced gaming habits. Recently, most Thai gamers have gravitated towards mobile devices for gaming, pushing aside traditional tools like PCs, tablets, and gaming consoles. 

Titles such as Garena Free Fire, Roblox, PUBG Mobile, and Garena RoV have become household names, highlighting the adoption of mobile gaming in the country. Apart from supporting gaming, several gambling platforms like Bet365 奖金代码 provide betting opportunities via their mobile casinos.

Recognizing this mobile shift, major game developers are prioritizing the creation and distribution of games tailored for mobile devices. This strategic focus is evident in the popularity of mobile games in Thailand. 

Government Support

Governmental backing plays a crucial role. The Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (DES) has been actively laying the groundwork to bolster Thailand’s online gaming industry. Through a specialized program, they aim to enhance the skill set of the populace in game development. This process helps gamers align with the competitive demands of the international market.

The “Thai Gaming Industry on the Global Stage” initiative, spearheaded by the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA), is designed to uplift game developers. The program encompasses a variety of activities, including training for newcomers in the gaming field and developmental support for existing personnel and products. 

The Game Online Academy stands out as a pivotal platform under this program. It offers many free courses with extensive lessons and resources to train over 50,000 individuals. The program also places a significant emphasis on stimulating innovation and creativity among game developers. 

It encourages them to craft captivating and competitive games that can hold their own against major players in the global gaming arena. Participants can engage in game development workshops, receive mentorship and guidance from seasoned experts, and network with potential investors.

These concerted efforts by the Thai government and relevant agencies underscore their commitment to nurturing and advancing the gaming industry in Thailand. Their support has ultimately led to remarkable growth and success for the industry.

Rise of Esports

In a groundbreaking move in September 2021, the Thai government officially recognized esports as a professional sport. This milestone has spurred growth, providing increased funding, visibility, and institutional support to Thailand’s esports ecosystem. Esports teams and individual athletes now benefit from enhanced resources, including cutting-edge training facilities and financial backing.

The Thai government, in collaboration with esteemed educational institutions like the Thailand Esports Federation (TESF), is actively investing in comprehensive esports educational programs. These programs help to nurture and refine the skills of competitive players, preparing them to represent Thailand proudly on the global esports stage.

As of 2023, PUBG leads the pack as Thailand’s premier competitive esports game, boasting a community of 223 professional players. Free Fire closely follows it with 193 players, Arena of Valor with 186 players, and Valorant with 174 players. These numbers contribute to the growth of gaming revenue in the country.


Thailand’s gaming industry is thriving and establishing itself as a powerhouse. Government support, mobile gaming’s rise, and the official recognition of esports have played pivotal roles in this success story.

With initiatives to boost game development skills, the popularity of mobile gaming, and the growing esports community, Thailand’s gaming revenue continues to rise. As Thailand continues to foster a supportive and enabling environment for the gaming industry, we can anticipate sustained growth and innovation.

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