HL Mando and HL Klemove to Participate in CES 2024 with Robots and Software That Go Behind Vehicles

Tech show opens with changes to autonomous driving in daily life through cutting-edge technology

On-site demonstration of Best Innovation Award-winner “Parkie”; presentations including Innovation Honorees “Beetle” and “Tire Sync”

LAS VEGAS and SEOUL, South Korea, Jan. 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — HL Group will participate in CES 2024, the largest tech event in the world, to be held from January 9 to 12 with HL Mando, specializing in EV solutions, and HL Klemove, specializing in autonomous driving. The two companies embodied the theme of CES “Imagine Every Move” with their CES Innovation Award-winning products that bring autonomous driving to our daily lives. The booth is an open stage, with an LED screen installed at the front of the booths that spreads both horizontally and vertically. It spans a width of 10 m and a height of 4.5 m. The CES story video incorporating the present and future of the two companies will be screened on the main stage.

HL Mando∙HL Klemove CES 2024 Main Theme

HL Mando presents “Parkie,” winner of the Best Innovation Award. This fully autonomous driving system-equipped parking robot can not only recognize obstacles, roads, and license plate numbers, but also independently determine the size, weight, and type of parked cars. Parkie makes it possible to reduce parking space by up to 30% compared to mechanical parking systems. An additional economic benefit of about 20 percent can also be anticipated. In support of “autonomous driving in our daily lives,” HL Mando prepared space in their booth to demonstrate Parkie along with its self-produced module car. MiCOSA, making its debut from HL Mando, is also noteworthy. MiCOSA, boldly entering the mobility market alongside robots, is a data-driven automotive software solution available at the HL Mando booth.

HL Klemove put forward the Beetle, coming far closer a cutting-edge mobile radar device that is set to revolutionize personal mobility and safety. This compact sensor, no larger than a single AirPods, boasts an impressive detection radius of 20 meters and can be easily synchronized with various devices. It’s specifically designed to enhance the safety of smaller mobility aids like bicycles and wheelchairs. The Beetle’s ability to provide real-time detection allows users to quickly adapt to unforeseen circumstances, making it an indispensable tool in daily life.

The Beetle’s remarkable features were highlighted at this year’s CES exhibition, where it garnered accolades in two significant categories: Mobile Devices, Accessories & Apps, and Smart Cities. Additionally, HL Klemove’s innovative “Tire Sync” technology was recognized for its groundbreaking capabilities. Beyond merely monitoring tire wear and temperature, Tire Sync can assess vehicle load and road conditions, playing a crucial role in preventing traffic accidents by identifying hazards such as black ice and potholes.

HL Klemove is currently collaborating with a leading global tire company to bring Tire Sync to the market. Moreover, the company is set to unveil a comprehensive autonomous driving solution, centered around its high-performance computer (HPC). This system integrates advanced radar, high-resolution cameras, and sophisticated software, further cementing HL Klemove’s position as a frontrunner in automotive safety and innovation.

HL Mando and HL Klemove booths will be #5466 located in the West Hall. Various events are planned throughout CES, including collaboration events with HL Mando’s MiCOSA.

About HL Mando and HL Klemove                          

HL Mando is an electric vehicle (EV) and autonomous driving solutions company specializing in core components that are key to vehicle safety. The company is a global leader in key enabling technologies for future mobility, including redundancy concept and by-wire technology, and is strengthening eco-friendly vehicle solutions such as e-Drive and hydrogen fuel cell converters. Its subsidiary HL Klemove, established in December 2021, emerged from a merger between HL Mando’s AD/ADAS unit and Mando-Hella Electronics, setting a new standard in autonomous driving technology. Possessing over 2,200 patents, HL Klemove specializes in L2+/L3 autonomous solutions, including advanced sensors and domain control units, and is set to launch integrated domain control units by 2025. Serving a global market, the company is committed to enhancing autonomous driving with cutting-edge sensors and software algorithms.” In addition, HL Mando is promoting business expansion through new business opportunities in mobility, including vehicle predictive maintenance/diagnosis, and cloud-based data service. With over 20 R&D centers and 20 manufacturing sites, the company serves over 60 customers globally. For more information, visit [https://www.hlmando.com/en/main.do] and [https://hlklemove.com/eng/main.do]

Source : HL Mando and HL Klemove to Participate in CES 2024 with Robots and Software That Go Behind Vehicles

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