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NANJING, China, Oct. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — InxMed Co., Ltd, a clinical-stage biotechnology company dedicated on developing innovative therapies to overcome treatment resistance for hard-to-treat solid tumors, is presenting preclinical data at 14th Annual World ADC Conference in San Diego regarding IN10018, a highly potent and selective oral inhibitor of focal adhesion kinase (FAK), to boost efficacy of ADCs, and IN30718,a First-in-Class cancer associated fibroblast (CAF) targeting ADC for high stroma tumors.

FAK signaling has been shown to be important in pathologic fibrosis in various tissues. Overexpression of FAK is correlated with poor treatment responses and treatment resistance in many tumors. Meanwhile, one critical factor limiting ADC effectiveness is poor access to tumor cells, especially in high stroma tumors such as pancreatic tumor, TNBC etc.

Preclinical data demonstrated that IN10018 was able to break down the fibrotic barrier, improving penetration of large molecules including ADC. Significant synergy was observed between IN10018 and ADCs such as Enhertu and Trodelvy in stroma rich tumors including pancreatic cancer, TNBC, and ovarian cancer models. Mechanistically, IN10018 is also found to synergize with various types of ADC payloads for cancer killing.

"IN10018 has been demonstrated clinical efficacy over a number of cancer types in humans. The synergy between IN10018 and ADC was supported with solid biological rationales. The industry and medical community both have high expectation of ADCs, but most ADCs are showed only a moderate response rate with PFS in general less than 5 months. There is an unmet medical need to boost effectiveness and prolong the duration of response. Our FAKi IN10018 potentially addresses such emerging need. " Said Dr. Zaiqi Wang, founder and Chief Executive Officer of InxMed. 

The company is establishing collaborations with ADC companies and welcomes more collaborations against deadly high stroma tumors.

InxMed also presented preclinical data of IN30718. This is a First-in-Class ADC targeting a specific transmembrane glycoprotein highly expressed on cancer-associated fibroblasts in multiple high stroma solid tumors, especially in gastrointestinal cancers. IN30718 exhibits robust efficacy in multiple patient derived xenograft (PDX) models of gastrointestinal cancers and is well tolerated by cynomolgus monkeys. IN30718 will be ready for IND submission in mid 2024.

Source : InxMed Presents New Data at 14th Annual World ADC Highlighting Synergy of IN10018 with ADCs and Novel Stroma targeting pipeline

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