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Spotify House at SXSW Sydney showcased South Korean artists and discussed Spotify’s efforts to promote their music globally.

Spotify House at SXSW Sydney features South Korean artists

Spotify House at SXSW Sydney recently held a K-Night showcase to celebrate South Korean music and culture. The event featured talented South Korean artists Sam Kim, So!YoON!, and JUNNY, aiming to introduce them to a wider audience. Sam Kim expressed his gratitude for Spotify’s initiative in showcasing Korean artists in such a creative manner. So!YoON! emphasized the significance of offline cultural exchanges for Asia-Pacific artists. Spotify’s Head of Music in South Korea, Jungjoo Park, highlighted the diversity and talent of South Korea’s music scene, along with the platform’s efforts to connect Korean artists with global listeners.

South Korean music gains popularity in Southeast Asian markets

The music culture of South Korea has been garnering popularity in markets across Southeast Asia, particularly in countries like the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia. South Korean artists are gaining recognition and attracting a large fan base in these regions. The Spotify House event not only showcased South Korean artists but also initiated a conversation about Spotify’s editorial machine and its ability to provide personalized music recommendations to over 551 million listeners worldwide.

Celebrating Korean artists and fostering global connections

Spotify’s K-Night showcase at SXSW Sydney was a platform to celebrate and promote South Korean artists. It aimed to expose these talented musicians to a wider audience and foster connections with global listeners. The event received appreciation from artists like Sam Kim, who acknowledged Spotify’s efforts in showcasing Korean talent in unique ways. So!YoON!, on the other hand, highlighted the importance of offline cultural exchanges for Asia-Pacific artists. With the growing popularity of South Korean music in Southeast Asia, Spotify’s initiatives are helping to bridge cultural gaps and bring diverse music scenes together.

Source : Sam Kim, So!YoON!, and JUNNY steal the spotlight at Spotify House’s K-Night