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SCRYsoft Announces New Indie Game
Development Fund

LUMPUR, 12 October 2023

SCRYsoft – The publishing arm of Play Interactive is proud to announce a fund
of $1,000,000USD total to be split amongst 10 developers capped at $100,000USD
each with submissions for games open now for games that are more than 50%
complete in development open from now until 30th November 2023.

An integral part of this fund is to spearhead support for indie developers and
studios trying to get funding and publishing support for their games with fair
remuneration and support.

Forms of
Publishing Support:

Funding – The first and foremost problem most
developers face is acquiring the capital to realize a project. With the
Co-Investment Fund will solve this issue to get your project off the ground.

Marketing – With our global outreach and the
know-how to use marketing, PLAY can promote and push your game’s popularity
through the roof to ensure all your hard work is recognized.

Game Production – With a team behind the scenes that
have collaborated with other developers globally and locally for production,
PLAY can also provide insight into how to best present and frame your game.

Game Publishing – With a plethora of titles already
under our belt, we have the know-how for creating and publishing your game on
multiple publishing platforms seamlessly.

IP Rights – Being able to get IP and Publishing
rights worldwide faster than an independent creator would and we can guarantee
the exclusivity and uniqueness of your IP and protect you or your studio from
potential clashes with other IP’s that might already exist.

Ian Heng, the
Lead Publisher from SCRYsoft has expressed that “This fund is set up to present
a unique opportunity to creators all over the world with unique ideas who lack
the resources to achieve their game development dream with the right support”.
The type of games accepted are only digital games for the PC and Console with
games that have a projected timeline of one to two years for completion and the
developers will receive full support us and be contacted once their game has
been approved for funding.

Submit your game now to our website to start the review of your game. Everyone
gets a fair shot at a review if your game is submitted before the deadline of
30th November 2023.

Submit your game:

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