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True IDC in Thailand leads in green data center transformation, promoting clean energy and sustainability, in alignment with national and international goals.

Leading the Green Data Center Transformation

True IDC is taking the lead in Thailand’s green data center transformation by shifting from traditional energy sources to clean energy. They are actively supporting the government’s energy policy and working to reduce coal and natural gas combustion, lower carbon footprint, and accumulate carbon credits through their clean energy project. Partnering with Altervim Compay Limited, True IDC’s project will utilize solar cell technology to generate electricity, promoting sustainability and creating benefits for the people, society, and the country.

Promoting Sustainability and Clean Energy

In addition to their clean energy project, True IDC has various sustainability initiatives such as raising awareness, waste management, and improving data center efficiency. Their goal is to align with Thailand’s policies and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, all in an effort to create a sustainable digital life for the country.

Partnerships and Future Plans

True IDC’s partnership with Altervim Compay Limited demonstrates their commitment to promoting environmentally friendly energy. They are dedicated to developing innovative solutions and staying at the forefront of Thailand’s green data center transformation. True IDC continues to work towards creating a more sustainable future for the country.

Source : True IDC is making strides to become a top-tier green data center.