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SINGAPORE, Oct. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TZR Investment Holdings PTE LTD, a pioneer in the financial industry, is excited to announce an exceptional growth trend in retail investors seeking to access secondary market investments. This surge signifies a momentous shift in the investment landscape, highlighting the rising enthusiasm and active participation of individual investors in traditionally institutional-dominated markets.

Key Highlights:

Retail Investor Engagement: TZR Investment has observed a substantial surge in retail investors diversifying their portfolios with secondary market investments, including private equity, venture capital, and real estate.

Education and Support: TZR Investment has been pivotal in this growth trend, providing invaluable educational resources, webinars, and expert insights to empower retail investors with the knowledge needed for informed decisions in the secondary market.

Diverse Opportunities: Expanding its secondary market offerings, TZR Investment now provides access to a wide range of investment opportunities that were once the domain of institutional investors.

Performance and Returns: Retail investors have reaped attractive returns from secondary market investments, thanks to TZR Investment’s rigorous due diligence and investment selection processes.

Thomas Knight, Head of Institutional Trading at TZR Investment, commented, “We are thrilled to witness retail investors’ increasing interest in secondary market investments. This trend reflects a broader transformation in the investment landscape, and we are committed to supporting our clients as they explore these opportunities.”

About TZR Investment: TZR Investment is a leading Singapore-based investment advisory firm, asset manager, and private capital investment company. Since its establishment in 2012, TZR Investment has been at the forefront of connecting accredited investors with esteemed fund managers through innovative investment solutions and state-of-the-art fund management platforms. For more information, please visit

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Source : TZR Investment Reports Unprecedented Surge in Retail Investors Accessing Secondary Market Investments

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