Malaysia Airlines to promote inbound medical tourism

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) will see the two parties conduct joint marketing activities to position Malaysia as an international medical tourism destination.

Malaysia sharpens its focus on medical tourism

As an established medical tourism destination, Malaysia is well placed to make the shift from core health services to the promising wellness segment, according to a report released in late January by consultancy Frost & Sullivan.

Malaysians are YouTube addicts

Malaysians spend an average of 80 minutes per session on YouTube when using mobile devices, double the global average of 40 minutes.

Malaysia named Asia’s leading tourism destination

Thailand was named Asia’s top beach destination, Angkor Wat in Cambodia the top tourist attraction, while Hong Kong won the title of Asia’s Leading City Break Destination.

Malaysia scores better than Thailand in The Best Places to Retire 2015

As Asia’s appeal to North American expats continues to grow, Thailand has become a popular destination

WIEF Chairman Tun Musa Hitam on partnership and where Malaysia stands today

What were the key highlights of the 10th World Islamic Economic Forum…

Malaysia’s ICT sector to get major funding boost

Major investments in Malaysia’s 2015 budget are set to strengthen the ICT sector by funding infrastructure expansion and providing support for both research and development (R&D) and private sector training.