3G service to be launched in Thailand early 2011

The process of 3G auction under the responsibility of the National Telecommunication Commission of Thailand (NTC) has been rescheduled many times due to some complications in details of the bidding conditions and its prices.

Thailand’s ICT market is growing fast

While still relatively young, Thailand’s information and communications technology industry is growing…

Thailand urged to change his currency policy to curb rising Baht

Thailand and other Southeast Asian nations are being strongly urged to change their foreign-exchange policy, given that major Western currencies could further lose their shine, due to massive public debt.

New Property Tax in Thailand hopes to narrow income disparity

The income disparity between the rich and the poor became one of…

Thailand’s Big developers are getting bigger

In the residential market, Thailand’s top eight developers have seen their collective…

Thailand interest rate pegged at 1.25%

The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) has agreed to pin the policy interest…

More hotels, restaurants are closing in Thailand’s central business district

Apart from the economic damage made to the business sector, the ongoing rally in Thailand’s capital has also posed threats to the tourism sector.

Thailand’s political transformation

The state’s violent response to mass protests in Bangkok takes Thailand’s deep polarisation to an even more dangerous level. But a new Thailand is also struggling to be born, says Tyrell Haberkorn.