Ahead of Paris, governments, states, cities, business and investors across the world have come forward with the most comprehensive and unprecedented set of pledges and plans to take climate action.
The Thai government announced plans to invest BT38bn ($1.1bn) in strengthening the country’s broadband backbone, extending access across Thailand and increasing data speeds by more than 400%.
KPMG's survey finally shows that auto executives have fully embraced connectivity and digitalization and ranked it as the overarching key trend disrupting the auto industry until 2025.
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) called on the government of Thailand to address urgently safety, capacity and cost issues to keep Thailand’s aviation sector competitive.“Aviation is critical to Thailand’s economic success. It is the backbone of the tourism...
Thailand, in part due to unique structural issues that allow more people to count as employed, will remain in 2015 as least miserable, according to Bloomberg's Misery Index.
In 2016, the Thai government expects Chinese visitors to account for even a larger proportion of the record 32 million people forecast to visit.
Thai exports for the month of October dropped 8.11 percent to US$18.5 billion. For the first nine months of this year, exports dropped 5.32 %
Thousands of internet users answered the call on social media and brought down at least three Thai government websites