Thailand urged to ratify UN Convention Against Corruption,

Thailand became a signatory to the pact in 2003. Thailand must show its sincerity in fighting graft by rushing ratification of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption, both private and public sectors urged over the weekend. All UNCAC signatories – 135 countries at present – are obliged to coordinate with each another on mutual legal assistance and asset recovery for crimes, even to the extent of extradition.

The destruction of Thai democracy

Author: Peter Warr, ANU On the afternoon of May 19, following weeks of protests and mayhem, most of the core Red Shirt leaders barricaded in the centre of Bangkok surrendered meekly to the Thai government forces. One leader who evaded capture was the volatile Arisman Pongruangrong. Just before vanishing later that afternoon, Arisman was wearing a T-shirt bearing the image of Mahatma Gandhi

Thaksin: a populist or an all powerful dictator?

Thaksin is often praised for having improved social matters in Thailand, but this is not true. He gave charity to the poorest and least educated.

Silenced smiles: Freedom of expression in Thailand

July 7 marked 90 days since Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva declared a state of emergency in Thailand. Even though Thai security forces quelled the Red Shirt protests in late May, the Abhisit administration recently extended the emergency decree over nearly a third of the kingdom for an additional three months. While much has been said about the political, economic and social impacts of the kingdom’s recent unrest, little attention has been given to the dangerous erosion of freedom of expression in Thailand

Thailand : the long road to democracy

Which democracy would back a coup d’etat ? None, of course, and…

United States supports Thai Government’s peace plan

US resolution is a vote of confidence in the govt’s roadmap, and a setback for Thaksin

Reporting from Thailand’s political front lines

Author: Nick Nostitz In 25 October 2009 I went to northeast Thailand, this time to the village of Nong Wua So, about 40 kilometres outside the city of Udon Thani, to observe a red shirt rally: village-style. When I arrived in the early afternoon the action had not yet begun

Billions were transferred to Thaksin’s allies during Thailand’s Red Crisis

Large sums of money were also found to have been transferred into…