Line has a reported 33 million users in the kingdom, making up the majority of Thailand's mobile population. It is one of Line's largest markets in Southeast Asia.
The biggest of online platforms have grown to a scale never before seen, and their users are increasingly international.
A new study released by McKinsey shows half of all people on Facebook are connected to someone in a different country, a number which has tripled in the past year. And an analysis of the over 50 million small businesses that use Facebook to find customers also shows 30% of their fans are from other countries.
Social media hasn’t just swallowed journalism, it has swallowed everything. It has swallowed political campaigns, banking systems, personal histories, the leisure industry, retail, even government and security.
By Karissa BellFacebook's big plans for Messenger may also include publishers.The company plans to open up its messaging platform to developers later this year during its F8 developer conference, according to a new report in Marketing Land. The feature...
It seems that just about every major tech company this week announced their latest financials, but overshadowed by the news of Apple’s rise and Samsung’s struggles, Facebook also revealed that it now has 1.39 billion actively monthly users. Facebook used by one...
Lovers of irony take note: Mark Zuckerberg's sister More About: Facebook, randi zuckerberg, Twitter
Facebook and sex are two things people seem to like a lot. In fact we get a lot of surveys here at Mashable about these two topics. Just this week, a new study by the University of Canterbury found that having sex is the most enjoyable human activity — even more than checking Facebook.
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