Thailand to push up rubber price to $4 per Kilogramme

The price reduction was caused by China buying less expensive Indonesian rubber and that investors made profits from selling their rubber contracts.

FAO Urges International Cooperation on Rising Rice Prices

DWednesday in Bangkok, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization said in Asia the retail price of rice, the major staple, rose in Bangladesh by 33 percent from last year and in China and Indonesia by 23 percent. During the last food crisis, the situation was aggravated when some countries imposed export restrictions or engaged in panic buying.

400,000 More Farmers in Thailand

The National Statistical Office conducted a labor survey revealing that Thailands agricultural workforce has increased by 400,000 people year on year. Meanwhile, fewer laborers are entering the manufacturing sector.

Thailand’s rice top rank threatened by Vietnam

Thailand may lose its competitive edge as the world’s top rice exporter to its major competitor, Vietnam, unless it reduces production costs and increases its rice harvest as well as improves marketing strategies and rice quality, according to a recent study.