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ASEAN (Bangkok) Vending Machine & Self-Service Facilities Expo 2019

Vend ASEAN, the one and only vending machine & self-service facilities trade…

Ports acting as a catalyst for development in Malaysia’s southern Johor state

At the southernmost tip of Peninsular Malaysia lies the state of Johor. Wrapping around the island nation of Singapore, Johor is an economic powerhouse unto itself.

Dubai Chamber aims to grow UAE trade with China and South East Asia

Hamad Buamim is the President & CEO of the Dubai Chamber. He spoke with The Prospect Group about Dubai’s economic relationship with South East Asia and China, Dubai Chamber’s new office in Shanghai, and why Dubai is a great place for Chinese businesses.

BiotechCorp CEO Mohd Nazlee Kamal on Malaysia’s biotech industry

Dato’ Dr. Mohd Nazlee Kamal is the CEO of the Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation (BiotechCorp), an organization tasked with driving the country’s biotech industry. He spoke with The Prospect Group about Malaysia’s biotech industry, opportunities and initiatives in the Halal and Islamic economy.

Evercore Asia Chairman Stephen CuUnjieng on the Philippines & ASEAN competitiveness

Stephen CuUnjieng is the Chairman of Evercore Asia, a premier independent investment banking advisory firm. He spoke with The Prospect Group about today’s economic realities, ASEAN competitiveness, and his macroeconomic outlook for the Philippines and the region.

Quantum Hotels & Resorts President on tourism and the hotel industry in the Philippines

John Cole is the President of Quantum Hotels and Resorts. He spoke with The Prospect Group about tourism in the Philippines, the hotel industry in the Makati area of Metro Manila, and the One Pacific Place property.

Philippine Chamber President on the Philippines growth story & upcoming ASEAN integration

Alfredo M. Yao is the President of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce & Industry (PCCI), the voice of business in the Philippines. He spoke with The Prospect Group about the upcoming economic integration of ASEAN countries, the Philippines growth story, and potential for the future.