Thailand needs to reform its educational system for 2015

The Ministry of Education declared that due to the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015, Thailand needs to reform its educational system. As neighboring countries are moving forward, Thailand has to increase its competitiveness in human resources as well.

Bamboo Ceiling or Why Chinese Make Bad Managers

In his New York magazine article ‘Paper Tigers,’ the Korean-American writer Wesley Yang argues that the Asian parenting model and cultural values mean that Asians will excel in schools, and only in schools: ‘According to a recent study, Asian-

Thailand lacks labour skills and competitiveness

Only better education will improve Thailand’s industrial competitiveness and bring sustainable economic growth, says the president of the Thailand Development Research Institute.

Vocational education stepped up for ASEAN

Thai Ministry of Education will push forward the development of vocational education…

Thailand needs to reform taxation, educational and social insurance

After the political crisis in Thailand, there are different problems that have…