Medical tourism to reach USD 100 billion in 2012

15 per cent of medical tourist seek faster medical services while only 9 per cent of travelers seek lower costs as their primary consideration.

Bumrungrad Hospital and Patients Beyond Borders unveil partnership

Located in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, Bumrungrad Hospital is an award-winning healthcare campus boasts many of Thailand’s top doctors

Thailand’s medical tourism sector faces challenge from other countries

Political instability and sharp gains in the baht are having a profound effect on the medical tourism industry, turning regional competitors into a major challenge, say international experts.

Debating health reform in Thailand

Thailand’s government and the country’s medical community are debating the proposed new legislation to provide comprehensive coverage to patients against medical malpractice. The state has said that the law would strengthen patients’ rights and reduce the time and money spent in litigation, while health professionals claim it would add to medical expenses and the workload of practitioners.

Medical devices industry Overview in Thailand

Medical devices constitute a thriving industry in Thailand, with the country acclaimed as a major health care hub in Asia. The Thai medical devices market in 2010 is valued at US$795 million.

Yoovidhya family aims to focus Piyavate hospital on accessible care

The Yoovidhya family aims to reposition Piyavate Hospital as an accessible healthcare centre for general Thai patients, instead of the financial focus being on making a profit.

United States healthcare reform may impact medical tourism in Thailand

The long-awaited United States healthcare reform package became law last week. Asian…

Can Medical Tourism Survive the Economy ?

Medical tourism–foreigners traveling to India or Thailand for procedures that would cost…