Thai populism : same – same, or different ?

Is there a different kind of populism inside the Shinawatra brand : Aisiasentinel oped piece seems to agree, arguing that the comparison between Thaksin and younger sister Yingluck achievements seem to be aimed at different groups of Thai people.
Thaksin thinks and Pheu Thai does

Is Thailand a Skypocraty ?

Skype has already gave us a new verb, “to skype”, but it might also bring us a new concept in political analysis : the Skype Government, or Skypocraty thanks to the Thaksin family who is currently ruling Thailand in a brand new digital conceptual manner.
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One Country, Two Prime Ministers

She goes on to explain that Shinawatra was an outsider, a rebel within the ruling oligarchy, the first top politician to hail from Chiang Mai province in the north of the country
Pheu Thai poster Bangkok

Waiting for Big brother Thaksin

The new government has begun “exploring every avenue to bring Thaksin back”, according to Pavin Chachavalpongpun, an analyst of Thai politics at the Institute of South-East Asian Studies in Singapore

Thai Foreign Minister to issue new Thaksin Passport

Foreign Minister Surapong Tovichakchaikul on Friday said the previous governments order rescinding ousted premier Thaksin Shinawatras passport has been revoked and the process to reissue the ousted premiers passport rests with the ministrys Consular Affairs Department.

Thaksin Thinks and Pheu Thai does

A few days ago, the New York Times has a brief profile on Yingluck and some comments on the Thai election. Key excerpts: Her campaign represents an extraordinary resurrection for Mr. Thaksin, the most divisive personality in the country.

Thaksin: a populist or an all powerful dictator?

Thaksin is often praised for having improved social matters in Thailand, but this is not true. He gave charity to the poorest and least educated.

Billions were transferred to Thaksin’s allies during Thailand’s Red Crisis

Large sums of money were also found to have been transferred into…