UK to open permanent investment office in Cambodia

The United Kingdom Trade and Investment Office would establish a permanent branch in Phnom Penh in the expectation that economic ties between the two countries would continue to grow

Stamp duty loop hole closed in UK

A stamp duty loop hole which allows individuals to pay a much-reduced rate of tax by using an offshore company to buy property rather than doing it in their own name has been closed. This tax avoidance scheme has been used by the rich and famous to sell Britain’s most expensive properties for years. Sir Mick Jagger and Sir Bob Geldof have been known to use this loophole.

Tony Blair : UK will maintain investment Thailand

Former British prime minister Tony Blair expressed confidence in Thailands governments post flood rehabilitation measures, asserting that British business people still have confidence in Thailand and will maintain their investment presence in the kingdom.

European Tourism in Thailand rose 7% in 2010

Europe has long been a major source market for the Thai tourism industry. Of the 15.84 million international visitor arrivals to Thailand in 2010, a total of 4,341,447 arrivals were from Europe, a market share of 27.41% and an increase of 6.93% over 2009. Although, there was a decline in the second and third quarters of 2010 due to the internal political unrest, the air-traffic disruption in Europe caused by the Iceland volcanic eruption and the economic crisis in Southern Europe, the number of visitors rebounded in the fourth quarter of 2010.
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Thailand’s prime minister confesses he is also British

BP readers will not be surprised given the previous posts on this issue – see here and here – that it was clear that Abhisit was born a British citizen, but there was just a question whether he has renounced it. Today, in parliament he admits he has not renounced it. AP has the story: Thailand’s prime minister has an confession to make: He is also British

What changes to legislation mean for UK expats in Thailand

Over the past two years, there have been some changes to UK pension legislation that affect many expats. These do not relate to the UK government state pension for citizens, but rather to the private pensions of anyone who has worked in the UK.

South East Asia property too expensive for British buyers

Property in South East Asia has dropped off the radar for cash-strapped British buyers, according to data from the United Kingdom’s leading property website.

United Kingdom revises and downgrades its travel advice for Thailand

Efforts by the Royal Thai Embassy RTE and the UK branch of…