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Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to spend $1.45 million on advertising

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) plans to spend Bt45 million on advertising in the coming high season, aimed at boosting both the international and domestic markets.



wat po buddha

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) plans to spend Bt45 million on advertising in the coming high season, aimed at boosting both the international and domestic markets.

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TAT lines up bt45-million ad campaign in high season

Of the budget, TAT will spend Bt15 million to re-establish its global campaign on the global television channels BBC World and National Geographic to stimulate tourism in the final quarter this year and early next year.

The agency will also launch a Bt30-million cinema advertising campaign to lure high-end consumers in the domestic market.

“Starting in October, TAT will run a 30-second TV ad under the theme ‘Amazing Thailand, Amazing Thailand Always Amazes You’ on BBC and National Geographic,” said Prakit Piriyakiat, TATdeputy governor for marketing communications.

It will be the first time in many years the authority will have used global mass-TV channels to approach tourists all over the world.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) today announced its promotional strategy for 2011 along with several initiatives designed for specific market segments. For next year, TAT will still use the highly successful “Amazing Thailand” theme. It will be enhanced with the new tag line “Always Amazes You” to reinforce the many aspects of “Thainess” that are so appealing to visitors from all over the world. Some 15.5 million international tourist arrivals will be targeted for 2011, generating approximate revenue of 600 billion Baht (18.5 billion USD.), an increase of 9 percent from last year and the domestic tourism sector expects to have 91 million trips with revenue of 432 billion Baht (13.3 billion USD.), a rise of 3 percent from last year.

wat po buddha

New markets continue to be targeted by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, including attracting more regional tourists, as well as expanding others

The “Amazing Thailand” theme has gained worldwide recognition, as it built up the country’s strong brand and positioning as a destination that offers tremendous value-for-money, a unique culture, and a wide variety of experiences to visitors. This theme is being complemented by the “Always Amazes You” tag line to reinforce the concept of “Thainess” – that makes the Kingdom a truly exceptional destination and differentiates it from other countries, as well as have confidence in travelling to Thailand for their holidays and business meetings.

“For 2011, we will build on Thailand’s many traditional strengths as a preferred tourist destination by branching out into new market segments such as green and sustainable tourism,” said Mr Suraphon Svetasreni, Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand. “We will also expand traditional channels into more online and social media activations, reaching the next generation of visitors who have a desire for more interesting and stimulating travel experiences.”

Outreach via traditional and social media channels

The TAT’s marketing campaigns for 2011 will be highly visible worldwide through traditional promotional channels including TV commercials and vignettes, print advertising, out-of-home media, brochures, and posters. There will also be an increased use of celebrity marketing, inviting popular actors, and sports figures to major events in Thailand, while also encouraging the movie industry to consider Thailand as a shooting location.

In the new media space, TAT will reach the younger demographic of travellers using social media; such as, an Amazing Thailand video channel on YouTube featuring short documentaries, more use of E-Books and E-Brochures, an iThai application to get Thai tourism updates on iPhone, and an Internet Call Centre that visitors can contact via computer. We will also build on the member network of the Thailand Fan Club that has already been established in our Europe and Middle East markets.

Positive signs for the tourism sector in 2011

There are many positive indicators of a promising year for Thai tourism in 2011. They include the stabilization of the Thai political situation, with foreign governments easing their travel warnings about Thailand. Recent surveys of tourists in Thailand showed there is still a very positive attitude towards Thailand, with them considering it a friendly, exciting, and welcoming place with a lot of variety.

Other positive indicators for the coming year include economies around Asia showing steady improvement, with countries such as India and Australia showing solid signs of growth. This is especially promising for short-haul markets such as India, China and Indonesia, which have large populations of potential visitors just a few hours away. The airline industry is also demonstrating its confidence in Thailand with new flights added from key markets; such as, Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, and Vietnam to Thailand.

The “Amazing Thailand – Always Amazes You” campaign will focus on specific activities that are popular with visitors from Asian markets. The value that Thailand offers to shoppers will be highlighted through the “Amazing Thailand Shopping Paradise” campaign. The foundation of this campaign is the “Amazing Thailand Grand Sale,” which will see even more activities and special offers from participating department stores. TAT will more actively engage target markets through their local media and support for tour companies to sell holiday shopping packages.

There will be ongoing promotion of Thailand’s strength as a shopping destination. TAT will arrange for media familiarization visits to the country’s leading shopping areas. It will also work with major department stores to offer discount coupons to distribute to tourists and tour companies that offer shopping packages.

Given the popularity of golf among Asian visitors, TAT will also highlight Thailand’s hundreds of world-class golf courses. The “Amazing Thailand Golf Paradise” campaign will include the “Thailand Golf Invitation TAT 50th Anniversary Golf Tournament.” Marketing activities will include support for TV golf programmes, new promotional materials to highlight Thailand as a preferred golf destination, joint marketing, and support for “Golf Package” sales with tour companies and golf magazines; bringing leading golf columnists to Thailand so they can experience Thailand’s golf courses first hand, and inviting media to visit the Golf Travel Mart.

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Can border reopening revive tourism in South-East Asia?

In Thailand, where pre-pandemic tourism accounted for 11-12% of GDP, the country lost an estimated $50bn last year as Covid-19 restrictions led to an 82% fall in arrival numbers.



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After 18 months of travel restrictions, a number of countries in South-east Asia have begun opening their borders to foreign visitors to stoke recovery in their respective tourism industries.

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Thailand to lift quarantine for vaccinated visitors from low-risk countries from November



Thailand to lift quarantine for vaccinated visitors from low-risk countries from November

Bangkok, 12 October, 2021

Thai Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha in a nationally televised broadcast last night announced that Thailand planned to allow fully vaccinated foreign visitors to enter Thailand by air with no quarantine requirements from 1 November.

In the initial phase, Thailand will allow fully vaccinated travellers from at least 10 low-risk countries, including China, Germany, Singapore, the UK and USA. The list will be expanded from 1 December, and further enhanced to a very extensive list from 1 January.

Under the plan, fully vaccinated foreign visitors from the approved countries will need to show that they are COVID-free at their time of travel with an RT-PCR test undertaken before they leave their home country, and do a test in Thailand, after which they will be free to move around Thailand in the same way that any Thai citizen can do, the Prime Minister said.

Visitors from countries not on the list, will, of course, still be much welcomed, but with quarantine and other requirements.

In addition, the Prime Minister said consumption of alcoholic beverages in restaurants as well as the operation of entertainment venues under appropriate health precautions would be allowed from 1 December.

Below is the full speech by the Prime Minister.

National Address of the Prime Minister of Thailand


Monday 11 October, 2021

My fellow citizens, brothers and sisters:

In the last one-and-half years, we have lived with some of the greatest peacetime challenges our country has ever faced in its history, brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, and one that has left nobody untouched and no country in the world undamaged.

It has been one of the most painful experiences in my life, too: to make decisions that balance the saving of lives with the saving of livelihoods – a choice that is not always clearly separate, and where we may save lives, but commit those lives to the unbearable pain of trying to survive with little or no income; or where we may save livelihoods but commit one’s family, friends and neighbours to loss of life and the loss of their breadwinner.

In facing this terrible choice, it was my decision that we could not allow a slow, wait-and-see approach to confronting the pandemic and let it claim the lives of so many of our countrymen and women, as we, ultimately, saw happen in so many other countries.

As a result, I acted decisively on the advice of many of our outstanding public health experts to make our country one of the first in the world to move quickly with lockdowns and tight regulations.

With the collaboration of all sectors of society, and with everyone joining hands to face this crisis together, we have been among the most successful countries in the world in saving lives. 

But it has come at very great sacrifices of lost livelihoods, lost savings, and destroyed businesses – what we have all given up so that our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children, friends and neighbours may live for today.

The threat of a large scale, lethal spread of the virus in Thailand is now diminishing, even though the risk of resurgence is always there, and even though there are still serious constraints on our hospital and medical staff capacities. 

The time has come for us to ready ourselves to face the coronavirus and live with it as with other endemic infections and diseases, much as we have learnt to live with other diseases with treatments and vaccinations.

Today, I would like to announce the first small but important step in decisively beginning the process of trying to restore our livelihoods.

During the last weeks some of Thailand’s most important tourist source countries have begun to ease their travel restrictions on their citizens – countries like the UK, that now allow convenient travel to our country, as well as countries like Singapore and Australia that have started to ease travel restrictions on their citizens visiting other countries.

With these developments, we must act quickly but still cautiously, and not miss the opportunity to entice some of the year-end and New Year holiday season travellers during the next few months to support the many millions of people who earn a living from our tourism, travel and entertainment sectors as well as the many other related sectors.

I have, therefore, instructed the CCSA and the Ministry of Public Health to urgently consider within this week to allow, as of 1 November, international visitors to enter Thailand without any requirement for quarantine if they are fully vaccinated and arrive by air from low-risk countries.

All that visitors will need do is to show that they are COVID-free at their time of travel with an RT-PCR test undertaken before they leave their home country, and do a test in Thailand, after which they will be free to move around Thailand in the same way that any Thai citizen can do.

Initially, we will begin with at least 10 countries on our low-risk, no-quarantine list, including the United Kingdom, Singapore, Germany, China, and the United States of America, and enlarge that list by 1 December, and, by 1 January move to a very extensive list.

Visitors from countries not on the list, will, of course, still be much welcomed, but with quarantine and other requirements.

By 1 December, we will also consider allowing the consumption of alcoholic beverages in restaurants as well as the operation of entertainment venues under appropriate health precautions to support the revitalisation of the tourism and leisure sectors, especially as we approach the New Year period.

I know this decision comes with some risk.  It is almost certain that we will see a temporary rise in serious cases as we relax these restrictions.  We will have to track the situation very carefully, and see how to contain and live with that situation because I do not think that the many millions who depend on the income generated by the travel, leisure, and entertainment sector can possibly afford the devastating blow of a second lost new year holiday period. 

But if, in the months ahead, we see an unexpected emergence of a highly dangerous new variant of the virus, then, of course, we must also act accordingly and proportionately when we see the threat.  We know that this virus has surprised the world several times, and we must be ready for it to do so again. 

In mid-June of this year, I had set a 120-day goal for quarantine-free entry into Thailand and to accelerate our vaccinations.

I would like to take this opportunity to recognise the extraordinary achievements of our public health workers, other officials and all citizens for their response to my appeal in June.

After we adopted the 120-day goal, extraordinary efforts were made to increase our supply of vaccines and compete with many other countries to get deliveries.  And they were very successful.  Our vaccine deliveries jumped threefold, from around 4 million doses in May to almost 12 million in July… then to almost 14 million in August, and will now run at over 20 million a month until the end of the year, totalling over 170 million doses, far ahead of the goals I had set.

Similarly, our public health staff worked tirelessly to accelerate vaccinations to support our 120-day goal, and the public gave great cooperation to register for vaccinations despite the inconveniences that may have been caused in scheduling.  As a result, our daily vaccinations, which were running at around 80,000 doses a day in May, shot up immediately.  One month after our goal-setting, our public health team tripled the number of shots being administering a day, and they kept increasing that number until Thailand rose to be among the fastest ten countries in the world for administering shots!  Currently, they have frequently been administering more than 700,000 shots a day, and sometimes even exceeding one million shots a day.

Shortly after my address to the nation in mid-June setting our goal for quarantine-free entry into Thailand in 120 days, the world was struck by the highly infectious Delta variant.  Worldwide cases spiked up and peaked in August, just as they did in Thailand, and few thought that it would be possible to achieve any quarantine-free entry into Thailand this year.

The fact that we can begin quarantine-free entry in November, and despite many countries still trying to contain Delta variant infections with restrictions on the travel of their citizens is a great tribute to the unity of purpose and determined response to my appeal by the public health services, by many other government departments, by the private sector, and by the cooperation given by citizens in all matters.

Our nation has performed an extraordinary feat in the last months that we can all be very proud about everyone’s enormous contributions to those achievements.  These achievements, coupled with the gradual relaxation of other countries’ travel restrictions, now enables us to begin the process of quarantine-free entry into Thailand.

Thank you.

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