The Fiscal Policy Office FPO has projected that the earnings from tourism this year will reach 770 billion THB with the number of foreign visitors surpassing 19.5 million.

According to the statistics, the FPO indicated that around 1.49 million foreign tourists came to Thailand in June 2011, which was an increase of 53.9 percent. The figure for the first half of this year totaled 9.7 million people, growing by 28.1 percent, as opposed to 12.6 percent late last year

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The figure for the first half of this year totaled 9.7 million people, growing by 28.1 percent, as opposed to 12.6 percent late last year.

Thailand’s higher tourist number is attributable to the upbeat Asian market, especially Northeast Asia and ASEAN.The FPO pointed out that foreign travelers played an important role in the promotion of the Thai economy. If the political situation remains calm and there are no major natural disasters, the number of foreign visitors to the Kingdom throughout this year could touch 19.5 million, expanding by 22.7 percent and generating over 770 billion THB.

via FPO expects 770 bn THB in tourism revenue this year : National News Bureau of Thailand.

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  1. Ripley’s “believe it or not”.
    Putting out figures like this to make the public think that really there has been a gigantic increase. wouldn’t it be nice if they came clean and give us true figures of real tourists….YES…holiday makers and how many nights stayed and not include migrant workers, visa runners, day traders and domestic movements.
    people only have to look around, Thais are suffering because of the strong baht and other disturbances and it’s low season. I wonder what next months saga will be.

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