I am an American woman who is living and working in UK. I have come to many countries like Australia, Dubai, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam…

I must make visa whenever I travel to any country, it takes lot of time and  especially can be very difficult, risky and cost lot of money if  there is no embassy in the country where I live and work.

Vietnam Visa
Online Vietnam visa on arrival is very simple and easy to use: I realized that the service of VietnamVisaOnline.net is the best

In 2000, I came to Vietnam, at the time, I were living and working in the West of  Australia, there were no Vietnam Embassy there so I had to fly to Sydney to make visa, spending and wasting a lot time and money

In 2006, I had a trip schedules to Vietnam and I had to make visa. As usual, I had to go to embassy to make visa as before, this is the same situation when I come to other countries.

But I accidentally read an advertisement of a company in Vietnam that Vietnam Government accepted to make visa on arrival for all foreign tourists to go to Vietnam

I started to check this information and found that there are a lot of companies in Vietnam supported this service and they sent me the laws of Vietnam Government in English to check out

Vietnam Visa
I hope that the government of other countries could make visa on arrival like Vietnam so that it is convenient for busy people.

I found that visa on arrival is very easy and convenient for me, especially it saves much time and travel costs.

I hope that the government of other countries could make visa on arrival like Vietnam so that it is convenient for busy people.

I write this post to advertise for many people to know and use it to save time and costs

I have come to Vietnam for many times and used visa service of different companies. But I realized that the service of www.VietnamVisaOnline.net is the best, their post sale is directed to the customer.

I just share with you what I have used and experienced, if you have better experience, please share for everyone to know.

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