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Thailand’s Members-only Travel Site Claims 40,000 members

Privepass is a members-only travel site that provides its users exclusive travel experiences. The concept is somewhat similar to ImpulseFlyer and Luxe Nomad. But its founder Vitaya Arunanondchai, an alumni of Stanford Graduate School of Business, points out a few key ways in which it differs.

While ImpulseFyer and LuxeNomad focus on flash deals of luxury hotels, they only focus on the room rates. has a focus on the experience and the lifestyle of its members. Our products are lifestyle packages which includes not just accommodations but also other services such as dining, activities, spa, or extra privileges such as free upgrades or discounts when using hotel facilities.

Arunanondchai adds that his startup, though based in Thailand, also offers travel packages and experiences for things like partying in Shanghai, shopping in Tokyo, and even attending fashion shows in Milan with an exclusive dinner with Giorgio Armani.


via Privepass: Thailand’s Members-only Travel Site Focuses on Experience.

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