If you are still lonely, now is the time to find a bride and will go on an exciting journey.

A honeymoon is a wonderful time when all the wedding vanity is over and there is a unique opportunity to enjoy each other. It’s not just an ordinary trip together, it’s your first trip together in a new status of spouses, and it should be the most romantic, the most extraordinary, and just unforgettable.

Even if you have a wedding in winter, this is not an excuse to give up a honeymoon. Don’t think that you will have fewer opportunities to relax in winter.

On the contrary, sometimes the impression of a winter holiday is much brighter and more surprising than after a trip during the warm season. Many places on our planet look much more attractive in winter and “open up” from an entirely different side.

Best winter honeymoon destinations

  1.      Cyprus

It is one of the most beautiful and warm winter destinations. Here you can relax under the warm sun on the best beaches and enjoy the architecture of ancient Byzantine castles, majestic temples, and monasteries. A lot of nice shops will please the fans of shopping. In a word, everyone will be able to find an occupation to their liking.

  1.      Prague

This city is one of the most amazing winter honeymoon destinations with a wonderful combination of classic and modern. The romantic atmosphere of Prague is simply created for a honeymoon. Slow walks on quiet streets, magnificent architecture, and ancient buildings – all this will be remembered for many years.

  1.      India

A honeymoon in one of its cities will give you just a fabulous experience. The untouched beauty of nature, crystal clear beaches, fresh exotic fruits – just a real paradise! If you dream of such a holiday, then you should choose South Goa that is one of the best winter destinations. And lovers of nightlife should stop at the northern part. There you can fully enjoy nightclubs and parties. And yet there are a huge number of markets and unusual shops.

  1.      Alps

The best ski resorts are on the Alpine slopes. There are comfortable hotels, fabulous mountains, and a unique atmosphere. You can spend all day skiing or snowboarding. In the evenings, you can enjoy each other’s company in a warm cozy house by a fireplace with a cup of hot tea or mulled wine in your hands. Here it is – an unforgettable honeymoon.

  1.      Egypt

Those couples that dream of plunging into the summer and escaping from the severe winter frosts should choose Egypt. Here you can sunbathe on the beach, dive, feel all the exotic, and enjoy the unique color of this country.

  1.      Canary Islands

Golden warm sand, gentle waves of the ocean, wonderful hotels, discos, and water parks – probably, it is the dream of many. It is so nice to relax from wedding bustle and everyday problems under the gentle rays of the sun, walking barefoot on the cleanest sand of the ocean.

  1.      Hungary

Hungary is also one of the most beautiful winter travel destinations. It is the excellent choice for couples who like the old architecture. They will not find such a number of fantastically beautiful castles anywhere.

  1.      Thailand

This country is one of the best options for a honeymoon in winter. There are a huge variety of diversions – diving and safari for active recreation, the opportunity to visit the ancient Buddhist temples, and so on. And if you want peace and solitude, then you can walk along the shore of the boundless ocean, see the unforgettable beauty of the rainforests or just sit with a fishing pole.

And in fact, it doesn’t matter where you go – to warm countries to sunbathe, to Europe to admire the ancient architecture or somewhere to the snow-covered slopes. The most important thing is your feelings to each other, which can’t be cooled by any winter cold!


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